Things I like

Hi. More about me. Right now things are really good with me because I know what makes me happy. Do you?

I like to look at beautiful things. Here’s one:

big head fountain

I have these replicas in my house and I look at them when I get up.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.51.59 PM

Then I do some animal yoga.animal yoga


After that I have a bowl of forest twig/Brazil nut granola. A capybara that I met at a conference turned me on to it. Then, feeling really clear-headed and strong, I take a walk around the neighborhood. I usually visit the clamshell fountain…

neville“Indigo Animal! Why are you polluting the internet with your reactionary art aesthetic! I demand that you stop!”

“Neville! How did you break into my blog! I am trying to tell people about beauty, classical lawn statuary, and our Institute.”

“Indigo, you have no right to present yourself as a representative of the Institute. I am really upset!”

photo 2

“Neville, I want to be nice about this. But it’s hard if you are always  so angry. I’m open to you saying your point of view now and then, even though it’s MY BLOG. But if accuse me of stuff or are consistently nasty, I reserve the right to ask you to leave. You have to try to control your tendencies.” 

photo 3

“Okay. But only for the sake of a fuller representation of what we do at the Institute, especially the Director’s research!”

“Fine. The institute is a big tent and you can explain about all the other departments besides mine. But today I was talking about things I like. So I am giving you permission now to show the people something that really makes YOU happy.”

photo 4

“Neville? I’m waiting….”photo 1

“Okay we need to let him think about this for a while. It’s a new concept for him. Bye! Till the next time!”

Let me introduce myself

IA-TM-color-facing-leftMy name is Indigo Animal. I’m a mystery, even to myself. For instance I don’t really remember my mother or my father. I became aware of myself one day when I looked down and saw my toes. They were deep blue, indigo blue. Indigo is a natural color; it comes from a plant, not from chemicals. I like that about the color I am.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and well, I was quite grown up! Where had all that time gone, when I was a little indigo?

Lascaux Indigaux cmyk

Lascaux Indigaux rgb

I found myself walking in a pleasant neighborhood of Victorian houses. You know, the kinds with lots of “gingerbread” on them. I felt something about a particular house, and what do you know, it turned out to be where I live!

Porch Indigo


Some have asked me, “How did you get this house and how do you pay the rent?” Those are questions that have a lot of levels to them, questions to ponder. If you keep checking on my blog, I will get to those questions eventually, but not now!