My new friend Anubis


We went to the Egyptian Museum yesterday. There are lots of sculptures of humans of course, but also so many animals that we really felt at home. I saw an alabastar tiger from the tomb of King Tut and many representations of Anubis, a mysterious black dog. Anubis is stylish and thin to the extreme, but I still felt like we could be friends because of the inner clarity that I felt when I looked at sculptures of him. Looking at the finely wrought carvings of the animals and the paintings of animals drawn inside the mummy cases, I felt that I would learn more about the animal kingdom and why we are important to the earth. The ancient Egyptians seemed to know something about this. So I don’t understand why the modern city of Cairo has hardly any animals in it and the ones that I saw seemed so sad.

Maybe Anubis will come to me in a dream tonight and tell me what is going on here.

Last night I had a dream that I was trying to conceal a human head on a suburban lawn with some random pieces of lawn statuary and artificial flowers. Just as the dream was getting disturbing, my cell phone rang on the bedside table. It was Neville Hare.

Neville“Hello, Indigo Animal,” Neville said, in a tone of voice very characteristic of him that I feel certain will be followed by a request of some sort. Because of the jetlag, I couldn’t quite remember where I was. I just said, “Neville, I’m out of town!” Then I’m sorry to say I just hung up on him because well, it was 3:43 in the morning and I’m sleeping really close to the Great Pyramid.

So did Neville have something to do with the dream I was having about the head? These are the sort of strange multi-leveled confluences that might become more numerous if one gets friendly with Anubis.


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