Previously published books

Porch Lion Press has published two books about me so far. The first one—Indigo Animal—is about how I came to be me and how I found the Institute. Unfortunately this book is out of print.Indigo-Animal-Book-1


My story continues in Indigo Animal and the Lawn Statuary Research Institute, also published by Porch Lion Press. It is currently out of distribution. Why? Because Rue is about to publish it again as part of a trilogy that includes this book as the middle book.

Porch Lion still has a few copies of these though, so you can get one by writing to They will send a copy right out to you! $12.95 + tax and shipping.

LSRI Cover
This book was on The SF Chronicle best seller list when it came out. Here’s a review that appeared in Baker & Taylor’s Books for Growing Minds magazine:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.53.19 PM


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