Second thoughts about Anubis


Egypt is having an effect on me. I am starting to feel a little superficial, almost like a cartoon character. The erudite animal to whom Midori Frog said she would give us an introduction took us to the museum in Cairo today. Actually, that was where I met Anubis just a couple of days ago. On that day I felt I could hold my own with Anubis, but I am feeling a little insecure about him now.

If you have followed the stories about me, you know that I have worked hard to increase my self-esteem through earnest study of classical statuary. Floral cornices, Corinthian columns and Greek statues have filled me with feelings of joyful self-confidence and freedom. Having been totally self-taught, it was a tremendous step forward in my development to have discovered the Institute where I could study with like-minded animals. That’s where I met Yeti, Wombat and Dame Eleanor Marmot.

I am beginning to think Anubis is part of another institute, but I am not too clear on what they are studying. However, the more time I spend with Anubis and the other animals I have met here at the museum, the more ordinary I feel.

Now I see that it doesn’t quite work to call them animals, even though they look like animals when you first see them. Whoever or whatever they are, they are somehow in another league. I have a lot to digest here. But rather than get all down on myself, I am going to pay close attention to these beings and see what I can learn.

One thing I have learned about Anubis is that they call him “he who is in the place of embalming.” So, that’s what I’m talking about.

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