Going to Egypt

There is so much to tell about the Lawn Statuary Research Institute, but today I only have time to say: the Institute is a place for animals of all stripes to meet together and commune about beauty as it is represented in lawn sculpture.

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I’m writing from the Eternal City. It all started with a summer session abroad program with a focus on the obelisks of Rome. (This adventure is being serialized in works & conversations magazine.) These amazing stone monuments were hewn and carved in Egypt for the glory of the pharaohs, seized by the Romans and erected in Rome for the glory of the emperors, then forgotten and buried for a thousand years until they were erected again, this time for the glory of the popes.

We thought we had some background because of the Egyptian Garden at LSRI. But the more we’ve studied the obelisks, the more we realize that we don’t understand the meaning of the hieroglyphs at all.

At just this moment in our research however, we’ve received news that our esteemed colleague Midori Frog, hearing of our frustration, has secured funds for us from an anonymous donor so that we can join her in Egypt!


Midori Frog is already at the Valley of the Kings, and can’t meet us at the airport, but not to worry! She has also arranged for us to study with an erudite animal who has spent his life trying to decipher the works, temples and hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt. I am so glad I packed my photo journalist blanket. It’s perfect for Egypt!Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.35.34 PM

So now I would like to introduce you to our team.

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This is Dame Eleanor Marmot. She is the head of the Classical Lawn Statuary Studies Department at LSRI and was formerly Fountain Restorer to the Queen.

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I met Yeti and Wombat on my very first day at LSRI. They were foreign exchange students. It took me a long time to realize that they are nocturnal animals. They are exceptional researchers and very talented photographers.

Yeti and Wombat have flown ahead with their equipment. Dame Eleanor and I are waiting at the airport. Please come back soon to hear all about our adventures in Egypt!