Meeting the Sphinx

We got to walk around in the Sphinx enclosure today; that’s where she’s kept. We stood between her long front legs and massive paws, We looked up at her face—a human face. One impression that was absolutely clear to me was that the head had been re-carved. I learned about a theory that the original head, on top of being older than most Egyptologists think, perhaps had been the head of a lion. Of course I like the idea that it was an animal, but I am not so sure about the lion thing, because then the Sphinx would have been ALL lion, and every one of us here—

Dame Eleanor, myself, Yeti and Wombat-having had direct experience of working with the director of our institute Orange Bearcat… well, we are just a bit leery of the Sphinx being all lion.

I think that a combination of the lion body and maybe a marmot head would be both more balanced and more mysterious. It would also represent a combination of both the predator and prey perspectives, which is a philosophical concept dear to my heart!


Apparently somewhere along the line a pharaoh put his own head on it. Now the Sphinx has this tiny human head. Doesn’t that just say it all?

Later in the day another great thing happened. We went to see Sheik Abdul at his flower essence establishment. Lounging in an ornate room surrounded by delightful hand-blown perfume bottles, we were served mint tea as the Sheik told us about the essences, the knowledge of which has been handed down in his family from generation to generation for 7000 years.


The essences have powerful healing qualities, each related to the seven chakras of the body, They have beautiful names, like blue lotus and red amber, and they smell intoxicating, in the very best sense of the word.

Sheik Abdul read my aura and told me that I try to take care of others too much. I don’t think he meant that trying to help others is a bad thing, not at all. But rather that I do it in a way that is harmful for me.

I bought a whole set of the essences from a Sheik Abdul. He is set up to take credit cards. That is one more thing that I learned from him. Sheik Abdul embodies someone who has some real knowledge as well as knowing how to take care of himself on the material plane. This ability to hold the physical and something finer—something spiritual even— at the same time, seems to be part of the wisdom to be encountered here that I am beginning to feel being transmitted to me through the air and impressions of Egypt, just like those wonderful scents of Sheik Abdul.